Music Room

Music stimulates the brain, and with its varied sounds and lyrics, students are exposed to a large amount of vocabulary in a short period of time. Music also provides exposure to other languages, which creates a foundation for the student’s ability to understand and communicate in a different language.

To develop a taste for music and encourage singing among students, Music Room has been provided in the school. Students learn musical instruments like Harmonium, Piano, Keyboard, Octopod, Tabla, Swar Mandal, Tanpura etc under the guidance of a trained Music Teacher

Art and Craft Room

Art and craft education is an integral part of student’s learning. It sensitizes aesthetic qualities in each child and drives them to be curious and original in their work.We have a dedicated syllabus and a separate classroom for imparting training in a variety of Art forms such as 2d, 3d Art by exploring mediums like acrylic, charcoal, water, dry pastels, oil pastels, pencil colouring, clay moulding, wires, Papier Mache etc.

Children love to spread the fragrance of their creativity & imagination and create their own masterpieces and design for various in house events and cultural activities. Few examples of their creations are Diya, Ganesha idol, wall hangings, envelopes, Rakhi, paper bags, baskets and gift boxes during festivals and 3-D birds, posters and canvas drawing in regular classes.

Toy Room

Toys are more than just fun and games for kids. Toys provide opportunity for children to learn while playing.

Our campus has one Toy Room for students of Pre-Primary Section where variety of toys have been kept for the kids to play with and help the children to engage, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. This room supplements their learning and provides an opportunity to Learn by Fun.

M.I. Room

The School has a well-equipped Medical Room with a qualified nurse. Students undergo regular growth assessments medical check-ups, and a health record is maintained for each student. While routine first aid is administered by the staff, any emergency is referred to the nearby Hospital.

Audio Visual Room

Our School has well equipped Audio Visual Room with projector and network facility. The main purpose of having this facility for students is the fact that whatever is seen by our eyes and heard by our ears is retained by the brain more effectively. Keeping this in mind, we always ensure that we supplement the theoretical classroom instructions with audio visual aids.

Dance Room

Dance is an expression of emotions through body movement. Through dance, students learn teamwork, focus, and improvisational skills. It improves flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and posture. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits. India is a country with rich and varied classical as well as folk dance forms. The dedicated dance teacher not only teaches these dance forms to students but also choreographs creative dances for students to perform.

Yoga Room

Yoga education means teaching of yoga postures or asanas to enhance the control of the body by bringing in flexibility and strength. Yoga breathing and meditation techniques have positive effects on the mind by enhancing alertness and mindfulness and minimizing the stress levels and behavior of school-aged children.

We have a separate room for Yoga and a well trained Yoga teacher to provide training to the students according to their age and ability.


In order to provide a secured environment for our students, the school has taken the initiative to install CCTV cameras around the school campus to ensure safety at all times.