Chess develops cognitive ability, attention, memory power, analysis, and logic. School provide the indoor facility to train the students to excel in this game

Table Tennis

Table tennis helps to improve hand-eye coordination, body balance, reflexes and predictive skills. School has T.T. room and inter class competitions are organized at regular interval to sharpen their skills.


By playing carrom, kids can enhance their focus as game increases attention span on a particular coin or pocket. It also develops social skills of children such as communication, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying the company of others in the game. School has sufficient number of boards for students of all age groups.


LUDO, a board game, is an effective tool to develop numeracy skills and positional language. Ludo is also ideal to reinforce the concepts of counting, colors, and shapes that the child may have previously learned. School promotes traditional indoor games like LUDO amongst all age groups.